Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All The President's Men (Alan J.Pakula, 1976)

Took a few minutes to get this song (and video) out of my head after watching the cops in the opening scene of this movie


This movie has some great classic American fashion in it. Redford and Hoffman get a lot out of their shirts and ties by mixing and matching.

Sock game missed opportunity

I've been watching the movies released in 1976 that scored a nomination for Best Picture from the Academy. I have one more to watch, but when I'm done I'll create a post and rank the movies. So far there's one clear cut favorite.


Mr Bozack said...

Great era for Yank flicks. Taxi Driver's 1976 innit? Rocky? Sure I'm missing summink blindingly obvious.

Boothe said...

King Kong (starring The Dude)?

Kidding. You were probably thinking about Network.