Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hieroglyphics - Menace II Society (update)

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Had an opportunity to ask Domino about the track. Here's what he had to say.

...I do remember that track and believe I have a cassette copy somewhere. I will look around for it and if Cas is cool, I will post it at some point.

The story behind that track is, Jive was doing the soundtrack to Menace to Society and had Casual and Souls submit songs for it. The Souls submitted “Our Secret” a song we has left over from the 93 til sessions. Casual went in and did a new song on a beat by Extra Prolific. It was recorded in NY around the same time (late 92’) we were mixing Fear Itself and 93 Til.

The Main thing I remember is the chorus with Ex Pro saying ”I’m a menace and its like that.” and Casual following with “I’m Menace, and ain’t nobody gona strike back”. The beat was kinda dark and uptempo but thats about all I can recall…..and one Cas line “basically, the way I live is trifelin’.

We submitted them and The Hughes Brothers rejected them both saying they were not West Coast sounding enough. Based on what ended up on that soundtrack, it probably wasn’t a good fit anyways.

I will look for that tape and hopefully I can share it with everyone.


Shout out to Domino for always being cool with fans. The track may see the light of day.

Good call by The Hughes Brothers not accepting the track submitted by Souls of Mischief. Great track, but maybe not the right tone.

Doesn't really seem to fit in with tracks like this:


MF said...

Yes! This really should've ended up somewhere, even if it was just a b side.

Pocket Full Of Stones remix by UGK ftw as the best song on the Menace ost.

Boothe said...

It's a great track, and I love when Dom brings the 70s cop show vibe, but something about this particular track on that particular soundtrack doesn't work for me.

From what I can remember about their catalogue during that period, this may be the best track topically, but i'm not getting a menacing vibe from it. Maybe they should have recorded a new track as well.

Mr Bozack said...

Yeh good work mate, you're on some Hiero Sherlock type shit.

Can't believe how prolific some of them are - Del seems to have a new album out every other week.