Thursday, September 23, 2010


Congratulations to Jose Bautista who moments ago became the first player in Toronto Blue Jays history to hit 50 Home Runs in a season. Allow me to celebrate this joyous occasion by adding some paranoia to the mix.

Last season, Bautista hit 13 Home Runs in a limited role (336 at bats). Given the opportunity to be a full time player this season his numbers have skyrocketed. He just needed a chance to play everyday. Well, his improvement was so vast that people started talking about Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Last season, his teammates Adam Lind and Aaron Hill both had career years. Outstanding numbers all around. This of course was called a case of the players living up to their potential.

So we have a case of one excellent season being linked to PEDs, but when the same thing happened the previous year, no questions were being asked? Both Lind and Hill's numbers have fallen off dramatically this season. Why the sudden drop from last year? They'll tell you it had to do with injuries, or a slow start. Was it possible that they were using PEDs last season? No, of course not.

Only Latin players cheat...

Senor McGwire

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