Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Antoinette - Who's The Boss

Was chilling with a homie the other night, and we happened upon this video:

What I remember most about this video is hitting that FF button on the VCR when going through video collections. The video we previously watched on YouTube brought a lot of laughter, and I was expecting the same here, but I was derailed and thrown into Hip Hop nerd/trivia mode.

Did y'all catch this?

Had no idea Yogi was around that long. Also, it makes this guest appearance seem a lot less random.

CRU - Bluntz & Bakakeemis

Now, someone find me Ha, so that I can interview him.


Richard Tre Mane said...

Bloody hell, IG Off too!

Boothe said...

Damn, didn't know he passed away this year. RIP.