Friday, May 11, 2012

Thoughts of the Thoughtful - 05/11/12

On various stuffs:


Are people really offended by Looseys? Subject matter is odd for sure, but its execution (beat, hook, lyrics, delivery) are on par with everything else on the album, so I never thought this track to be 'horrible.'

(Re: Das EFX - Looseys)

No disrespect to J-Swift (who I believe to be wildly talented), but I think the reason why Bizarre Ride was much more realized than, say, Greatest Hits (Wascals) or the songs we heard from Quinton, is because of the creative input by The Pharcyde themselves.

(Re: Producers, co-producers, etc.)


I was watching and thought to myself this dude really annoys me. He's ALWAYS doing some dumb shit, and/or getting schooled by someone. Every episode (in which he appears) is another lesson learned by Jon Snow.

(Re: Jon Snow: The Gilligan of Game of Thrones)

Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock intimidate me. I always feel I need preparation to listen to them.

(Re: Later musical efforts from Talk Talk)


Mr Bozack said...

ha, i recognise that last statement... and i'll just say again - it's more than worth it (and the hollis solo joint...)

Richard Tre Mane said...

I always feel like I shouldn't listen to Laughing Stock too often as it might lessen its impact.

Boothe said...

Yeah, there's not a Dum Dum Girls, or It's My Life that I can drop the needle on, and bug out to.

Even a more 'serious' album like The Colour of Spring seems fun compared to Spirit and Laughing Stock.

I've had Hollis' solo joint for a while, and still haven't given it a proper listen.

I'm gonna set aside an afternoon soon.