Sunday, May 15, 2011

A (Very) Brief Conversation: Cee Knowledge aka Doodlebug

Listen to these tracks...

A Tribe Called Quest - Push It Along

Digable Planets - It's Good To Be Here

Do they not appear to be similar in structure, or am I just reachin'? (bad pun)

Was this intentional? An homage or sorts? Black Eyed Peas also did something similar on their debut album -- the game show skits, recalling those appearing on 3 Feet High and Rising. It's something I've thought about since I first listened to the debut album by Digable Planets.

I shared my thoughts with Doodlebug, and he offered this:

"naw if it sounds similar to you it definitely wasn't intentional fam"

"...but don't get it twisted because we were and are big fans of ATCQ ya'meen"

There you have it. It appears it was just coincidence. I hope he didn't think I was accusing him of biting.

My laptop is still in for repairs, but when I get it back, I hope to have Matt join me again for more Native Tongues chatter, and I've managed to lock down my first artist interview. Exciting times...

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The Great Gats, B said...

You should also tell him that Blowout Comb realllly needs remastering.