Sunday, May 29, 2011

Attn: Producers of The Office

Hire James Spader.

I may actually watch future episodes if you do.

"I saw an episode on how they make paper on Sesame Street"
He didn't exactly save The Practice, but he made the final season very interesting, won an Emmy for his work, and then had a show spun off for his character where he received 2 more Emmy Awards.

I don't' watch The Office, but I get the feeling that the character played by Spader in the season finale, might be a bit too dark to for the cast, but it would be great to see him wreck havoc like he did on The Practice/Boston Legal.


I love him.


The Great Gats, B said...

Nobody quite plays an arrogant dickhead with ice cold blood running through his veins like Spader.

done said...

I watched Boston Legal a good few times just for his parts.

done said...

The episode where Shatner shoots someone on a whim was great actually, I should probably revisit.

Boothe said...

One of Shatner's shooting victims was none other than Michael K. Williams aka Omar Little. That was a trip.

Alan Shore is my all time FAVORITE tv character. Especially season 1 when he was destroying everyone in his path.

I know there's this 'character progression' thing, but I really wish they hadn't softened him in the later seasons. Made the show a lot less entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Boothe I agree with you, I wish he had predominantly remained the Alan Shore of The Practice and season 1 of Boston Legal...what a GREAT character that was! I read a comment by David E. Kelley (writer and creator of Boston Legal)...he said every so often James would call him and say, "I miss the old Alan," and Kelley would say, "Me too." So even the writer perhaps was sorry he took Alan away from the character he originally created.

I too would happily keep watching The Office if Spader was on the show full time! I loved his character and thought he could really shake things up at Dunder Mifflin Sabre.

Boothe said...

Thanks for your comments, Anonymous.

Season 1 (which I own on DVD) are the only episodes I've watched multiple times. From what I can remember of seasons 2-5, I think the major problem was that Alan became too close to Denny. I preferred the father/son dynamic they had, before it morphed into the best friends/haha are they gay? schtick of the latter episodes.

Their relationship was endearing, but it kept him (Alan) away from the rest of the workers at Crane, Poole and Schmidt. One of the best things about the show was his antagonistic relationship with people like Brad, Paul, Shirley...etc.

I always wondered what the show would have been like, if Season 1 wasn't interrupted by Grey's.

done said...

Ha thats mad, im definitely checking it out then.

I used to watch Boston Public aswell years ago, gave up on it after they just acted like the cliffhanger where Rappingport's priest was a nonce never happened. Was weird as fuck.

Might give that another go too actually, that and the episode where he debates the n-word with his class is pretty much all I remember about it though.

Boothe said...

I watched the first season of Boston Public, and some of the second season. I think i jumped ship when Anthony Heald's character starting dating that woman with the hook hand. Ridiculous.

David E. Kelley, was an early influence of mine. Was kinda like a Sorkin-lite with the writing. Had a solid run of shows with The Practice, Ally (yup, watched that too), Boston Public, and Boston Legal.

He definitely fell off though. Saddens me when I see put out shows like Harry's Law.

Mr Bozack said...

Office won't last without Steve Carell, surely. New boss is Jim Carrey isn't it?

Boothe said...

Jim Carrey also made a cameo appearance in the episode, but the forerunner to take over is Catherine Tate.

Mr Bozack said...

Spader it is then.... could be quality.