Monday, August 16, 2010

Team Cera vs Team Eisenberg (Update)

So, $60 million + George Michael Bluth + Soundtrack with your favorite indie band + movie posters that say things like "epic of epic epicness" + Comic Con hype + endorsement from your favorite comic book & video game blogs/podcasts + Twitter Trending = $10.5 million opening weekend?

That hurts.


MF said...

Subtitle for this post :

Did the movie industry learn nothing from the underwhelming response to Snakes On A Plane when it was finally released?

Marta said...

only 10.5mil? wtf? my show was almost sold out, and that was sunday matinee. shows on friday and saturday night were for sure sold out (in the 'Jax). and it seemed like everyone i follow on Twitts saw it. bah!

it was good. go see it.