Monday, August 23, 2010

Spoiler Etiquette

I've been upsetting a small number of friends lately due to my willingness to freely share my thoughts on the latest episode of your favorite cable television show.

You probably won't find a more meticulous television watcher than yours truly, and believe me, I am very sympathetic to those who want to experience their weekly programming without any sort of prior knowledge. With the increase of communication through the internet and social media, it's becoming more difficult to stay completely in the dark. Difficult, but not impossible; and this is where I draw the line on sympathy.

If it's that important to you, do NOT click on the message board posting discussing the episode. Do not sign on to Twitter or Facebook. Don't try to put the onus on everyone else. If they've watched it, they're free to talk about it. Don't want to be spoiled? That's your problem; find a way to deal with it.

So when is it safe to spoil? I believe everyone has a right to discuss the episode the second they've finished watching. I'm a considerate fella so I am a little more flexible. Here are my rules:

If a show airs on Sunday evening, all bets are off for Tuesday morning. If you're a fan of the show and have cable, you would have watched it during its initial airing.

Those who DVR or download the episode (available on iTunes for 3.49CDN) will watch the show Monday evening.

Now if you haven't watched it by then, well I guess you just don't care enough. Now of course people will say "oh, I have a life, I have other things to do you know". Yeah, and so do I. I still manage to find time to fit in a show if I really want to watch it. If I can't, then I accept it might be spoiled, end of story.

End of Rant.

And now for your viewing pleasure, a screen capture from the August 23rd episode of Mad Men.

Sally Got A One Track Mind - Diamond and the Psychotic Neurotics


MF said...

Haaaaaaaah @ the post's conclusion. Brilliant.

Tuesday morning is definately the tipping point for anything on over the weekend. After that, any discussion is fair game and it's tough luck if you've been too lazy to catch up.

done said...

ha i just commented on this problem on your blog. its grand with a tv show cos you probably just spoil one episode but there definitely has to be a strict rules for discussing films.

im not sittin down to somethin 3 hours long if some cunt completey mangles a key plot point/twist explainin how good a film it is to me. like i knew the plot of psycho long before i had any inclination to watch it

and someone actually did go "wait.....hes dead!" like half way through the sixth sense first time i saw it.