Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some Audible Treats For Ya

This collection includes The Roots rehearsing a bunch of interstitial tracks for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

1. Head Slicer
2. Wearwolf Barmitzva
3. Spain Rehashing (Featuring Chick Corea)
4. The Juice of Chicago
5. Baatin
6. Woman
7. Choir Fire
8. Teen Town According To Owen Biddle
9. Once In A Lifetime
10. Cant Keep Headphones on Head!! COTDAMMY!
11. Sizuuuuuuurpin
12. Red Toe Nail Bashing
13. Dreams Pt.2
14. Wan Cook Soup?
15. Blinded By The Light (No Douche Here)
16. Someone Is Late To Dentist Appointment
17. Caveman For Dennis Quaid
18. I Get Lifted
19. Like This Anna Torv
20. Breezin (ft. George Benson)
21. EvenzarahlikesTHISone
22. The Suits
23. Usher In That Choir

Enjoy: Link


MF said...


Here's an mp3 of that Big Boi tune :

Here's an mp3 of that My Aura song you said you quite liked too :

I'm tryna get my good karma on via mp3 hook ups this morning.

Boothe said...

Thanks, dude!