Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rap Videos Suck

Starring Raekwon The Chef

I'm so not feeling hip hop videos nowadays. Why do they all look like high school film class projects? Is it because it's all digital? bad direction? bad editing? bad lighting? All of the above? I'm by no means a film major, so somebody help me out here. There's just no warmth or personality in any of these videos.

Tell me you wouldn't rather watch the video below. This is what you do with a small budget.

I feel like I've made this rant before. If I have, please forgive me.


MF said...

..on the plus side, he wears the beanie well and has an LV bag.

Unmarked Door said...

The Raekwon vid looks like the low budget shit that was being made by UK heads 5 years ago. It's pretty fucking hilarious seeing those 45 year old chunksters waddling around like they're robbing a bank. Tracks dope tho...