Thursday, December 24, 2009

More | Less


Film | Television
Writing | Reading
Phone calls | Text messaging
Friendship building | Wasting time with acquaintances
Travel | Not traveling
Socializing | PS3
Worrying about what accessories to buy | Worrying about what clothes to buy
Making money | Being a broke ass nigguh

"Slicker This Year"


MF said...

More posts about annoying movie animals and late 90s Hiero tunes i'm not up on.

Boothe said...

Maybe not specific to animals, but I can always find annoying movies to talk about.

As for Hiero, I do have some ideas swimming around in the tank. They played big part in my musical and life experience, and I would love to give them the props they deserve.

MF said...

A post on Pep Love would be good as i always see/hear praise for him, but i'm unfamiliar with his output beyond the obvious guest verses.