Saturday, July 18, 2009

Favorite Rappers: Wordsworth

"If I'm wack, I'm just joining you in a little role reversal"

I probably first heard this Brooklyn born rapper on the Lyricist Lounge compilation, released by Rawkus Records in 1998. I didn't spend too much time listening to that album, because it was a little, no I'll say very disappointing. The Love Movement was also released that year, and again disappointed. It wasn't until his attention stealing verse on Mos Def and Talib Kweli's track "Twice Inna Lifetime" did I fully take notice of the greatness that is Wordsworth. Rarely will you see a list of best one liners without his "Sony or Aiwa" line from the aforementioned track. After hearing that verse I went back and tried to gather as much material from Punch and Words as I could. His verses never disappointed.

When I first discovered the duo, I had thought that Words was Punchline, as most of his lyrics are delivered as if he's doing stand up comedy. His flow was a great foil to his partners serious, straight forward delivery (E-Double, to Punchline's Parrish Smith).

I was expecting big things from the duo, and waited for a major release that would blow the minds of hip hop heads, and bring some lighthearted fun back to the game. Instead, the fans waiting for something dope were treated to that EP. One of the biggest letdowns in my music purchasing history. I'm not sure if this release was rushed to retail, but the sub par beats and misogynist lyrics got tired fast.

I sort of tuned Wordsworth out after that. I know he released 1 or 2 solo albums, and made many appearances on tracks with Masta Ace, but that 1 to 2 year period of time, there was no MC I looked forward to hearing more.

If you're reading this and can recommend some dope tracks he did after this period, please drop some titles.

1:12 - 2:03 = dopeness

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MF said...

I don't think i ever heard anything by Wordsworth beyond those Rawkus tracks and their appearances on the Lyricist Lounge tv show.