Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Party Down

Currently my favorite comedy series.

Probably because I can related to the characters who are working for minimum wage (which i don't even have at the moment) while waiting for their lives to get back on track.

Just finished watching the first season, and it was great. I'd say the humor is along the lines of The Office. If you're down with that show, you'll probably enjoy this one.

One thing that really disappointed me was the loss of Jane Lynch, who departed to join the vastly inferior network television series Glee, which airs on the Fox network. Her character, Constance Carnell was a joy to watch. Reminds me a lot of Johnny Drama, but with more heart and optimism.

Party Down airs on the Starz network. If you don't have access to this channel...well...I'm sure you can find the episodes somewhere.

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YO! said...

LOVE this show!