Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Area 5 Presents: CO-OP

Much to the delight of myself and others, the producers who brought us The 1UP Show, have returned with their new series CO-OP.

Make sure you check out their site for more information on the show and its availability.

Co-op - 0000: Reflections Part 1 from Area5 Media on Vimeo.

"All of our friends come by to talk about the games they loved from 2008. We don’t pick a winner, we just let everyone chime in on what drew them in and what kept them coming back for more. Who, you may ask, were kind enough to lend us their big brains and their precious time? John Davison, Dan Hsu, Shane Bettenhausen, Greg Ford, Michael Donahoe, Giancarlo Varanini, Nick Suttner, Anthony Gallegos, Philip Kollar, Demian Linn, Andrew Fitch, Ryan Scott and then, of course, those Area 5 jerks. Cesar, Jason, and Rob did all of the shooting with the old cameras and JayFresh held a stick mic out there to capture sound. We live on a busy street so apologies for all the traffic sounds trying to drown us out."

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