Thursday, January 2, 2014

Film - (Viewed In) 2013

Still a few 2013 releases I haven't seen yet. Will catch-up during the new year. 

** indicates a re-watch. 

Searching For Sugar Man: Trailer
Zero Dark Thirty: Trailer
This Is Not a Film: Trailer
Style Wars: Trailer
The Grey: Trailer
Amour: Trailer
Silver Linings Playbook: Trailer
Prometheus: Trailer
The Queen of Versailles: Trailer
Before Sunrise: Trailer

Indie Game: The Movie: Trailer
Raiders of the Lost Ark: Trailer
The Place Beyond the Pines: Trailer
Il Posto: Trailer
Brewster's Millions: Trailer
The Searchers: Trailer
Bad 25: Trailer
Dawn of the Dead: Trailer
Cruel Intentions: Trailer

Starship Troopers: Trailer
Breakfast at Tiffany's: Trailer
Before Sunset: Trailer
Roshomon: Trailer
Titan A.E.: Trailer
Barton Fink: Trailer
Vertigo: Trailer
**Love Jones: Trailer
Man of Steel: Trailer
Edward Scissorhands: Trailer

Broadcast News: Trailer
Sharknado: Trailer
We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks: Trailer
Only God Forgives: Trailer
Frances Ha: Link
The Goonies: Trailer
Monsters Inc.: Trailer
Manhattan: Trailer
Bad Santa: Trailer
Blue Jasmine: Trailer

**No Country For Old Men: Trailer
The Hudsucker Proxy: Trailer
Of Mice and Men: Stream Movie
Thank You For Smoking: Trailer
Kiki's Delivery Service: Trailer
Dumbo: Trailer
**There Will Be Blood: Trailer
**Melancholia: Trailer
Dangerous Liasons: Trailer
Prisoners: Trailer

30 for 30: Big Shot: Trailer
CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story: Trailer
Husbands and Wives: Trailer
Herb and Dorothy: Trailer
Halloween: Trailer
Gravity: Trailer
Much Ado About Nothing: Trailer
Before Midnight: Trailer
Captain Phillips: Trailer
Blackfish: Trailer

Lawrence of Arabia: Trailer
Everybody Street: Trailer
Inside Llewyn Davis: Trailer
Mud: Trailer
A Band Called Death: Trailer
12 Years a Slave: Trailer


Chris Thott said...

You've made mostly good choices this year movie wise.

Marko said...

So many great titles here! I really gotta see Broadcast News.

Boothe said...

Wish I didn't watch Prisoners or Man of Steel.

Prometheus was horrible, but I had fun watching it.

CrazySexyCool was no work of art, but their story is interesting, and it helped reignite my love for some of their music.

I think the most vivid memory was the Sugar Man doc. When 'that' was revealed, I was floored. Best blind watch in a long time.

Was reminded of Brewster's Millions when I promised a friend that if I got a new job, I would spend an entire paycheque on a much needed wardrobe upgrade.