Thursday, September 19, 2013

Til Infinity: Celebrating 20 Years of the Souls of Mischief

 Project Information:

Director Film maker Shomari Smith has conducted over 50 interviews with notable emcees, producers and DJs for this project. He has spent the past two years traveling the country to document the lives of the Souls of Mischief as well as capturing moments with some the most highly respected players in the music industry.

This documentary will show the Souls as you have never seen them before. They share childhood stories, give an inside look into their early creative process while making their legendary demo tape, they share personal stories about each album track from “93 ‘Til”, and they discuss the single “93 til infinity” and it’s longevity.

Having had the opportunity to grow up with the Souls of Mischief and seeing the impact that 93 Til Infinity had on the hip hop community, Shomari felt compelled to tell the story of their journey from the perspective of a fan, filmmaker and lover of hip hop.

Although we are near the finish line, we need your help in the final stages of postproduction. As an investor, your contributions will provide the necessary funds to secure a colorist, a sound engineer and cover the cost of film festival submissions.

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