Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Danny Brown - Side A (Old)

Been seeing this face a lot over the past year or so. Blogs, GQ Magazine, Nardwuar, Kathy Griffin...he's everywhere. During this period I never heard a single verse or rhyme from him. I actually started taking pleasure in having a Seinfeld type streak going.

I've now heard a Danny Brown song.

The streak was a result of laziness as much as it was disinterest, but yesterday while browsing a message board, I found a new post on the artist with very little replies. Perfect. I wasn't required to read through a lot of arguing and opinions. So, I clicked the link, peeped the song, and...I like it.

It wasn't the type of sound I was expecting. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect. A few people who responded to the message board post seemed surprised by this track, so I'm guessing it's not totally representative of his sound. Either way, he now has my attention. Not enough to go back through his catalog (yet), but if word of mouth on his new album is good, I'll definitely peep.


Dwyane said...


Don't let the annoyingness of the internet stop you from enjoying one of the best rappers out. Just listen to XXX then The Hybrid then go from there...

Boothe said...

It also has a bit to do with me being out of touch.

Appreciate the recommendations.

Fredo Fantano said...

This is definitely his best recent song because he doesn't do that stupid o-t-t voice that he's been indulging in for the past year or so on it.

Echo the recommendations that you should check The Hybrid and XXX.