Monday, March 25, 2013

The Hurting - Album Art

“I was asked by the band to sit for the picture when I was five or six. My mum took me to the studio in London. I think I was a bit freaked by all the cameras and stuff. There was a giant roll of white paper I had to sit in front of and I remember thinking if the paper in London is this big imagine what the pens must be like. Anyway in the image you see I’m supposed to be crying but actually I couldn’t stop laughing.

Some time later Curt and Roland came to visit and my mum told me they had a special present for me to say thank you. I excitedly tore open the big brown paper flat thing to find a framed gold disc of the Hurting. I’m not sure how well if at all I managed to hide my disappointment - I guess I was expecting a toy or some sweets?

Anyway, 30 years on I can appreciate it a lot better so thanks and congrats!”

Gebbie Serafin-Jaeger


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