Friday, January 4, 2013

Mic Teluxe

Mega bucks...

Resident Alien - Ooh The Dew Doo Man (featuring Mic Teluxe)

This song (and video) served to many of us an introduction to Prince Paul's Dew Doo Man Records; the ill fated partnership he formed with Def Jam/RAL.  I thought the song was cool/fun, but other than being fresh, and Double B being really short, I didn't really get much from Resident Alien. For me, the star of this song was Mic Teluxe.

There was a bit of...swag (ugh) to him, and I found him more interesting, both vocally and personality-wise than his labelmates. Unfortunately when Dew Doo Man Records ceased to exist, we didn't get anything else from Mic, but a non-rapping appearance on De La Soul's Saturdays single.

De La Soul - Who's Skatin' Promo

I did a Google search and was able to uncover some nerdy hip hop trivia. If you were an album credit nerd who owned albums that Prince Paul worked on in the early 90s (Derelicts of Dialect, All Hail the Queen, De La Soul is Dead), you may remember the name Mike Teelucksingh (get the connection?). He was one of the engineers that Paul often worked with during that period. On top of that, his work as an MC dates back to the mid-eighties. Peep this gem I uncovered:

Resident Alien's It Takes a Nation of Suckers to Let Us In eventually leaked online, and I'm hoping if there are Mic Teluxe recordings from that period (91-92), that they'll surface.




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I have 9 songs from his unreleased album Unfortunately the quality is not great because it is on cassette but the songs are funny and innovative. He even has a collabo with Dres from Blacksheep

Boothe said...

My you have a digital copy of the songs? Would love to hear them, regardless of quality.