Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Favorite Posts - 2012

Some of my favorite shares from 2012.

Jungle Brothers - Crazy Wisdom Masters: Link
The Hedrush: Episode 43 - L.A. Hip Hop Appreciation Pt. 1, Featuring DJ Mark Luv: Link
365 Things In 365 Days: Link
Snupe (Extra Prolific) on Red Clay: Link
Artist/Song/Album: Link
FiyaStarter Crew on 'Girls': Link
4 Better or 4 Worse - Slim Kid Tre Deciphered: Link
Extra Prolific - Missing Link: Link
Serpico (Sidney Lumet, 1973): Link
Mac Miller Lord Finesse: Link
The One with the Shout-out from Casual: Link
Native: A Conversation with Dres...: Link
Checkin' My Style (Return To Zero): Link
Eyecue - Pull Yo Pantz Up: Link

To those who contributed content to this blog; Iz, Frank, K, Marko, Matt, Dres, Chris, and Paul, your time was/is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to The Martorialist for the blog traffic boost.

Thank you, reader.


Fredo Fantano said...

Glad to be of service.

Laura Mendes said...

Hahah! I missed this one. Waynage :)

Boothe said...

That picture was so good.

Thanks for the year long inspiration!