Saturday, September 1, 2012

OMFGOD: Yasiin Bey and Mannie Fresh

Your year 2000 self is furious right now.

Parts 3 and 4 to appear on bmike's YouTube channel: Link


done said...

Whoa this is some turn up for the books. Hopefully it means Mos can finally produce a decent album but tbh I havent payed attention in years so Im not even sure if hes capable.

At least that Dee 1 dude only seems to be hanging around and not participating anyways

Boothe said...

Seems like he's been all over the place the last few years, so it's good that he's sitting his ass down with Mannie to work on the project.

I'm expecting good things from this.

Richard Tre Mane said...

Not Mos Def, Mannie!

Boothe said...

Haha, yes!

Visvim chinos and all.