Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hip Hop Demos b/w DJ JS-1: Demolition Mix

I love demos.

To be clear, I used the term loosely, for the most part including anything that hasn't been released commercially, but mostly focusing on those unmixed, un-mastered, tape hiss fests that were traded like baseball cards, pre-dating the MP3 explosion.

Many cringe the moment they realize the sound quality isn't close to meeting their standards, but while I do appreciate excellent sound, it has never been a deal breaker for me, especially with Hip-Hop. If there's a rhythm I can latch onto, interesting samples, and a competent mcing, I'm good. I'm just as comfortable bumping Scenario by the Beastie Boys, as I am with a track from 2001.

Sound politics aside, I think the biggest draw of demos is their historical, archaeological, anthropological value. (I think I just did a Hiero there) It's a great way to try to find some insight and clues concerning the history and development of your favorite artists.

DJ JS-1 has put together a mix containing over 3 hours of demo tracks. You might have already heard some (or many) of these tracks, but you may find a gem or two previously unheard.

Download: Link

Also, here are a few random favorites which I don't believe are included in the above-noted mix.

CRU - Understand Me

Snoop Doggy Dogg - The Next Episode (featuring Dr. Dre)

Ras Kass - Everything I Love

Souls of Mischief - Towaway Zone


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