Friday, July 22, 2011



Taking it back to '74.


done said...

Yeah where does this dude rank in the hard-to-find stakes? I made this mix a while back but Im sure whether to up it or not cos its got shit like Shuggie Otis on there, and I don't wanna perpetuate that "google rare soul" newjack bullshit a lot of people who make mixes on the internet are on. Y'know, basic shit- the difference between say, the Scenario demo and some actual rarely played shit like Y Kid A or Puma or whatever.

I listen to a lot of old funk & soul but I know nothing about it really.

Boothe said...

You are asking the wrong person my friend. I'm an unapologetic dabbler.

He came up in a conversation I was reading, and I was on some "oh yeah, him. I should grab some of his music". I posted it just to continue my "ehhh" feelings toward that Kanye, Jay shit.

I went with this track because the Digable Planets sample was familiar to me.

done said...

Ah well,I'll up it anyways. Pretending I know what I'm doings actually worse anyways.

You continue ignoring that Ye-z shit and I'll do likewise.