Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Missy Elliott - Beep Me 911 b/w Surrounded By Idiots

Featuring 702 and Magoo.

Yes, Magoo -- one of Hip Hop's easiest targets. Most discussions involving him are usually summed up by two points:

1) He biting Q-Tip.
2) He's wack.

The former, I would say is a little silly. I'm pretty sure that's what his voice sounds like. The latter, well, yeah...not much defending that one. BUT...no one can convince me that he was wack on this track. As a matter of fact, I would say he was quite nice on it.

FF to 3:24.

What musical times we live in. I'm here fondly reminiscing about DeVante Swing's bastard children. I even went as far as copping a bunch of Missy joints to listen to. I deleted most of them within an hour, but I kept this one.

All of this was brought on by Complex, who (over a week ago) posted early recordings by the group Surrounded By Idiots. Hailing from Virginia, the group was made up of Magnum (Pharrell Williams), Magoo, Larry Live, and DJ Timmy Tim (Timbaland).

Surrounded By Idiots - Skull Caps & Striped Shirts

Surrounded By Idiots - It's Like That

Surrounded By Idiots - If Ur Freaky Baby

There doesn't seem to be any hint of innovation that Pharrell and Tim would bring later in the decade. It was probably for the best that they had a little more time to refine their craft.

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The Great Gats, B said...

Someone needs to make a best of Missy Elliot instrumentals compilation.

There really is no sound more unpleasant than her rapping/singing about sex.