Sunday, October 10, 2010

Team Cera vs Team Eisenberg (Final Thoughts)

First, a message from Adam Kempenaar and Matty Robinson from Filmspotting.

This subject matter became an issue for me after (coincidentally) watching 3 films earlier in the year that featured Jesse Eisenberg. My normal routine after watching a movie is to visit wikipedia and IMDB.

The IMDB message board for Jesse Eisenberg is where I first witnessed the hate that this kid was (and still is) receiving. I don't believe he's one of the greatest actors of our time, but he's nowhere as bad as these people would have you believe.

I think what annoyed me the most is that he was written off as nothing more than a Michael Cera clone. Cera seems like a good kid, but I can't imagine anyone wanting to be like him. It just seems like a really lazy way to create or enter conversation when it's not necessary. Much like the person who's only contribution to a conversation about The Beatles is to say something like "Ringo isn't the greatest drummer".

It seems now I can rest. The response to The Social Network has been positive, to say the least. Eisenberg in particular has been praised for his performance as Mark Zuckerberg. As petty as it sounds, I have to admit to taking great pleasure in telling many of my friends "I told you so".

I've seen The Social Network 3 times so far, and when the year is over, it will probably rank as one of my favorites. You know when your friends says "it was dumb fun" when defending the terrible movie they just watched? Well The Social Network is fun well made. Directing, cinematography, score, sound design (that club scene...whoa),acting, and most impressively, the writing -- it's not perfect, but there aren't a lot of movies released this year that are as strong across the board as this one was.

My UK peeps, I believe the film is to be released on October 15th. I think this is one I can safely recommend to most people, so if you're even slightly intrigued, check it out.

Toronto peeps, if you haven't seen it yet and need someone to watch it with...

Eisenberg spits hot Sorkin flames.

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