Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Duffle Bag

"I haven't had a chance to use my bag yet but I'm looking for a reason to."

This quote is from a customer review responding to a duffle bag created for this particular brand. I quote it because it perfectly mirrors my thoughts on the duffle bag -- which is, what exactly are you supposed to do with them?

I have a small book bag which I use to carry whatever novel I'm reading. I can also store smaller items in the bag as well (hat, gloves, mobile devices).

If I need to carry more or larger items, the messenger bag works for me.

What I want to know is, what are people carrying in their duffle bags? Sure they look cool while doing the fashion blog walk, but I prefer to be hands free when on the move, and I imagine doing the one hand thing might irritate after a while.

Not knocking them.

If you have one, let me know what you're carrying in yours.

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MF said...

I have a slightly different LL Bean one which I use for work. Office attire and a rucksack is never a good look imo, and messenger bags annoy me with the way they constantly move and knock against your back and hips if you've got anything heavier than a pair of socks in them.

Usually carrying : half of my lunch, a book or magazine, tissues, floss, and an umbrella.

Boothe said...

Yeah, the knock against the hip is a little annoying.

So is this your M-F, 9-5 bag? If so, how long is your commute, and at any point does it get tiring carrying it around?

Boothe said...

btw...the wool trench in that pic is definitely getting copped.

MF said...

Yeah, the 9-5 bag. Commute depends on whether I'm using public transport or in a car, but there isn't much walking involved in either case and it's easier with a duffle bag that I can just pick up and put down than a messenger bag or rucksack which I've gotta pull off my shoulders/over my head when I'm sitting down on a bus/or in a car.

Boothe said...

You've done a good job extolling it's usefulness.

Will pick one up at some point. See how it works for me.

Mr Bozack said...

Normally use mine for carrying body parts/storing my tools a la Dexter etc

Boothe said... the Dexter theme song is stuck in my head.