Saturday, November 7, 2009

Late Pass: 30 Rock

The balance of hype, praise and accolades has always kept this show on my radar, but for some reason I never set aside time to watch it. Perhaps it was an aversion to Tracy Morgan; or maybe it was because the show started to shine at a time I grew tired of network television. Most likely it was because I always seem to have a full plate of time wasting activities, and I just couldn't find room for it. One evening while surfing, I caught a short cutaway segment involving Black Frasier, a fictional BET show . That shit cracked me up, so I decided to obtain all of the Season 1 episodes (available on the iTunes store :P).

This show is HILARIOUS. Tiny Fey is the G.O.D. of comedy writing (but we all know this, right?) and she (along with her staff) bring it.

Had a conversation with a fan of the show, and she mentioned that within the cast, you can pretty much find a favorite for all types of people. I've only watched a small number of episodes, but so far the performances have been great. Timing and delivery is perfect, and they seem very comfortable working with each other.

My favorite characters (at the moment) are Jack Donaghy, who I imagine as what Denny Crane might have been like when he was younger and lucid; and surprisingly, Tracy Jordan. Tracy Morgan's performances have always bordered on one might describe as coonery, and to be honest, I was very prepared to be annoyed by him on this show. Well his character is pretty much what I hate about the portrayal of some black characters on TV (mostly BET), but for some reason it works here. It might be because his relationship with Donaghy has put him in a position of power, and it's fun to watch him create havoc with little or no consequences. Whatever it is, it works, and I love every moment that he's on screen.

Anyway, it's an easy show to watch (episodes are generally 20 minutes), and if you haven't seen it, i would recommend it.


Oh shit!, Lemon is dating Ryan O'Reily, my favorite character from Oz. I love this show even more.


MF said...

Seen a handful of episodes of season 2 and liked what i saw, but been too lazy to investigate any further as of yet.

fnapoli000 said...

Live every week like it's Shark Week.