Saturday, August 22, 2009

Melle Mel on De La Soul's Dugout

This is a very long video, but Melle does drop some history lessons, disses the shit out of kids who have their pants sagging, and drops his thoughts on MCs such as Buddens, Eminem and Pras.

During the broadcast, Freddie Foxx opened the lines up for people to call in. I have some credits on Skype, so I took the opportunity to call in and salute the legendary MC. Melle has commented in the past that he doesn't think a Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five album would gather much interest from labels, so I decided to ask him whether or not the possibility of a tour had been discussed. *Fast Forward to 02:26:17 to hear my beautiful voice*

Long story short...there was not short answer. The matter was discussed for some time following my call. Seems like Flash isn't as willing as the brothers Furious (R.I.P. Cowboy). Viewers were also treated to a impromptu phone call to Furious Five MC, Scorpio. He supported Melle's claims that they did try, and were even offered a lot of money by promoters, but Flash just isn't having it.

Of course we were only getting the story from Melle and Scorpio's side, but it's sad that many people will not have to opportunity to see this legendary group perform as a whole. I hope at some point in the future they can work everything out.

De La Soul's Dugout: Link

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MF said...

By the way of weird coincidence, i've just dropped a post on The Furious Five and their beef with Run Dmc.

Re : the Hiero demos. The world (or me anyway) really needs a Boothe post on post-Fear Itself, pre-Stimulated Records Casual. I know there must be a grip of stuff i've slept on.