Friday, June 12, 2009

The Roots - Bust A Biaaaatch

From the Do You Want More?!!!??! recording sessions.

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Questlove says:

first day of recording DYWM we were just playing any ol thing to give our engineer some levels.

we was waiting for malik to get to stu so we could cut "mellow my man"---what actually happened was we did 11 mini songs in this manner before we took "mellow" seriously.

i *think* we got "its comin", swept away, and dywm from the false start shinanigans of "mellow".

so this really is "song 0".

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MF said...


As much as i love gangsta rap/thug rap and all the motifs and cliches entailed, it's always good to hear an amusing parody of 'em (also see : Black Sheep and Masta Ace).