Saturday, May 23, 2009

Top 8 Stereotypes of Blacks in Media (2005)

8) The Sassy Shrew
7) The Uptight Oreo
6) The Gold Digging Hoochie Little Sister
5) The Bumbling Baffoon
4) Big Momma
3) The Wisecracking Sidekick
2) The Surly Subordinate
1) The Magic Negro

This list was compiled and presented by Carmen Van Kerckhove on an early episode of her podcast Addicted To Race. I immediately thought about this list after watching the series premiere of Glee on Fox.

Mere moments after making her first screen appearance, Mercedes (as played by Amber Riley) breaks into a neck rolling, finger waving, take em to church impersonation of Aretha Franklin. Fine, if that's the way she sings, I suppose I can deal with that; but it wasn't until later in the episode, where Mercedes breaks into rant mode, starting with a "oh hell to da naah", that I knew that this list is still relevant, and the stereotypes are still alive and well.

Looking at the list, you can probably come up with a few examples of your own, but here's a copy of the original podcast where Carmen (with help from Jen Chau) present the list with several great examples. The quality is a little rough, as it was recorded in the infancy stage of the podcast.

8:25 - 27:06

Download available here: Addicted To Race

Mercedes: A combination of #8 and #2

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