Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Schoolboy Crush (Hip Hop Videos)

No video hoes up in here.

These were the days when the women in music videos were a bit more classy. I had these videos on VHS, and let me tell you, there was a lot of rewinding (great music) and pausing (hey, i was young) going on.

Some of my favorites were:

UMC's - One To Grow On

Shaolin's finest (before the Wu dropped). Video was a bit different, but they looked like they were having a good time. I LOVED the female dancers in this video. A lot of quick shots in the video, so it was hard to see them at times, but I really liked the one in the black leather jacket, and the girl in the denim shorts (yellow tights).

Extra Prolific - First Sermon

This track surprised a lot of people. Most of the tracks previously released by members of the East Oakland crew, Hieroglyphics, were battle raps attacking sucka emcees. Snupe (originally from Houston) took it another direction, and provided us this laid back track, with lyrics influenced by his baptist church upbringing. But this is about the girls right? Check out the girl at 2:42. Judging by the look on Snupe's face right after this scene, I would wager that he was feelin' her as well.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - I'll Take You There

Second single from The Main Ingredient: this track was a little more radio friendly than what I had come to expect from the Mount Vernon duo. This video had number of dime pieces, but my favorite was always the girl who appears at 1:20. It must have been the schoolgirl outfit.

Ok, let me turn down the perv a notch and give out the special lifetime achievement award. Actually, this post was inspired by a friend (rapper and musician) who I had coffee with earlier in the week. My friend told stories of living in New York City; the popular venues and studios we've heard about; and the commoraderie of fellow underground artists in New York at the time.

It was great hearing names of artists I respected, but what really caught my attention was a casual mention of a friendship with Vinia Mojica. After immediately making sure I heard correctly, I had to stop the conversation in order to state the importance of what I just heard.

Vinia Mojica is THE crush of Hip Hop in the late 80s/early 90s (roughly the period I fell in love with the music). Made popular to fans by her appearances in videos by De La Soul, she also contributed vocals to tracks from the Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, and number of Hip Hop, R&B and Downtempo artists over the year.

Ms Mojica was the first (Ladybug Mecca and Shortie No Mass would soon follow) down to earth, cute girl from next door, and will always be the number one Hip Hop crush in my books.

De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays (Dave's Home Mix)

De La Soul - Keeping The Faith (Straight Pass)


Ricardo said...

What about shortie from Pharcyde's "passing Me Buy"?

And what about some of the shorties in Young MC's "Bust A Move"?

Boothe said...

Damn, I can't believe I forget to include videos from The Pharcyde. I'm gonna have to edit my original post to include one of my favorite crushes

Good pick with Passing Me By. Check out "Shelly's" smile at 1:40, and of course "the dopest Ethiopian" in Fatlip's verse

Boothe said...

You're also right about Bust A Move. I had not watched the video in some time, but there were definitely a a bunch of fly shorties in there.

Big Ryan said...

Here's mine:

"Around the way girl" - LL Cool J : The girl with overalls.

"Warm it up" - Kris Kross : The girl Daddy Mac puts his arm around.

"Conductin' Thangs" - Maestro Fresh Wes : The singer on the far right.

And I agree with your choices above.

Boothe said...

Ryan, I almost forgot for a second that you're younger than me. Watching the Kris Kross video was a reminder.

Conducting Thangs girl is cute.

One thing I noticed about my picks...they're all light skinned-ed.

Even as a youth my conditioning was conditioned.


T.R.O.Y. said...

Vinia Mojica was and still is, lovely.