Thursday, March 26, 2009

Combat Jack: THE blog to read

Especially if you're into Hip Hop and behind the scenes music industry fuckery.

Entertainment Attorney CJ has stories for days. I was first lead to this site when someone sent me a link to his post on Dame Dash, who seems to be going through some difficult times. Check it out here

When you're done reading that, check out the other entries on his site, including his latest post, where he fires shots at Russell Rush. Also, you MUST check out his now infamous Top 5 Gulliest Moments in Hip Hop. The Pete Rock story will either have you bursting out laughing (Pete, Usain Bolting past him on the street), or crying over a tragic tale of some hardcore bullying.

Combat Jack With Today's Mathematics: Link

Bookmark that shit!


YO! said...

lovin' it!

Combat Jack said...

A humble thank you for the mention and link. Respectfully, Combat Jack.