Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The New Facebook

I haven't been asked to join any "I HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK" groups in a few days, so I guess it's safe to assume that after a week of bitching and protests, the angry mob has decided to give up and return to their quiet lives.

The new Facebook really isn't that bad. It seems now that you're doing more clicking than scrolling, which I have no problem with.

There are two features in particular that I rather enjoy.

1) Applications

No longer do I have to scroll through pages decorated with inane applications. I really don't care what your pirate rating is, nor do I care about which Grey's Anatomy character you most resemble.

2) Less About...

This feature is a godsend for those who have friends that like to update their status every minute taking a dump wiping their ass flushing the toilet

Just move your cursor to the status update on your feed. A menu will appear where you can select "less about". You'll soon be spared from the humdrum of your friends lives.

The same sort of thing happened the last time Facebook made changes. I'm sure we'll all get used it soon enough.

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