Monday, August 5, 2013

JAY Z - Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film / MCHG

This might have been a little more interesting if he had more to offer to the participants than rapper hands.

I don't believe I've publicly shared my opinion on Magna Carta... Holy Grail yet. I don't like it.

Actually, Picasso Baby is the only song on the album I like, and even this one feels a little gross. Jay is that friend you don't want to be around when he discovers or experiences something new. The one who gets married, and all of a sudden every conversation somehow revolves or touches on marriage, in the process making you feel wrong for being single.

The rest of the album just feels...old; from his performance on Tom Ford (should have got a rap kid to do the hook), to the overarching messaging on the album. Yes he speaks on his child, marriage, and something on Oceans, but mostly it's still I, Me, Mine JAY Z, which is kind of hip hop I suppose, but on your twelfth studio album?

To draw a comparison to television programming. I've always said by the end of the 3rd season, you should know most of the characters, and most of the their actions and arcs become predictable. By the end of the 5th season you get the feeling that the show can probably wrap things up, and anything more starts to feel unnecessary.  JAY Z (is the all caps things official now?) is far past season 5 at this point. I need a change in programming.

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