Tuesday, July 9, 2013


One of my favorite remember them? groups from the 90s.

Remember them as in groups who were dope, but largely unheralded probably due to lack of hype or promotion. Was nice though believing that I was one of the few in the know.

Just recently discovered that they're still active as a crew, working on a new project (music?), and will be performing with the Jungle Brothers in August.

Along with their fresh steps and styling, I was always appreciative of Zhigge's Harlem, which (along with Alphabet Soup's A Sunny Day In Harlem) humanized the neighborhood for me. Previous to this -- I was young at the time -- my only source of information was Bad News Brown.

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Fredo Fantano said...

And they were responsible to the first ode to POLO!

ND said...

Yo this is DJ Primetime, I saw you mention my radio show on another blog. Glad to see someone remembers. Hit me up. My e-mail is on my site - http://www.baseballhappenings.net/