Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Legend of Sora

Not an informative or (overly) opinionated post, but a tip of the hat to the songstress who niced-up a number of Hiero tracks during their post-classic(?) period in the 90s.

The producers in Hiero used her well. She never belted like, say a, Blue Raspberry or Tekitha, but her voice always sounded sweet in the cut.

Souls of Mischief - Fa Sho, Fo Real

Del The Funky Homosapien - Love Is Worth (Demo)**

Extra Prolific - Having Fun (featuring Pep Love)

Casual - Later On**

Extra Prolific - Outro

**Sounds like her, but I'm not 100% sure.



The inclusion here of Love is Worth was a bit of a stretch on my part, but I am a little surprised about the Outro to 2 for 15. It does sound like her, and she was credited on the track according to Discogs. I'm also aware that the Internet is not always accurate, and in this case it might be better to take the word of one who had more involvement, if not directly so.

Shouts to Domino for the correction.


A-Plus notes she appeared on a couple of songs on 2 for 15, leading me to believe that it is indeed her on the Outro. I don't believe I overplayed her role in the collective, though some might say a post for a session vocalist might be a bit much. Sometimes I'm a bit much.

Shouts to A-Plus for the additional information.


done said...

Class, this is the first time Im conscious of her but yeah Sora >>>>>>Tekitha. Kinda melts into the background in a good way. Im a fan of Tekitha's over the top wailing on Impossible though.

I have to admit Ive never heard the Extra Prolific album, should prob rectify that.

Boothe said...

Yeah, there probably isn't a lot of Sora awareness, unless you're a bit of a liner note nerd. Maybe I'll share this link with some Hieros, in the hopes of getting a little background info.

No shots intended at the Wu-ladies. Just an observation on the contrasting styles.

My relationship with Extra Prolific is a bit similar to J-Zone's relationship with Tim Dog. I do troll a bit with my stan-isms, but I really am a fan, in spite of his imperfections as an artist (perceived and real).

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am the one who put up the credits of 2 for 15 on discogs. I asked Snupe few years ago about the producers, about who did the scratches and who was the singer on You A Fool, Having Fun & Outro. He said Sora sung on Having Fun and on the Outro. The singer on You a fool was some girl that Mike G brought to the session.


Boothe said...

Yeah, I always believed it was Sora on Having Fun and Outro. Interesting to know that Mike G was still kicking around during the recording of 2 for 15.

Thanks for sharing, Erik!

Anonymous said...

No problem, Ive been following your posts about Snupe and really like the background-researches you made. I also like digging deep in the Hiero history.

Btw do you know something about a few more demos of Extra Prolific? I have Jheri Curl, Snupe said it was his first track recorded with Hiero and was produced by Casual.

But I heard about demo tracks titled Friends, Militant Minds and maybe two more that were recorded circa 95. Even Snupe doesn't have those demos...


Boothe said...

Always down to discuss Snupe, so any new info I come across, I try to share it here. Thanks for the Jheri Curl knowledge. I always assumed that A-Plus produced it, because his voice is pretty prominent in the hook, and it kind of sounds like a Plea beat.

I have Friends, Militant Minds, On The Microphone (snippet), and No Nuts (w/ Snupe) on cassette, but haven't been able to digitize them as of yet. Hoping I can do so soon, as I want to do something (blog/podcast) to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Like It Should Be.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a great idea. Hope you'll have the chance to digitalize them. Im so excited to hear these tracks. Is No Nuts Del with Snupe and the same Domino beat?
Where did you get that cassette?

It's more than interesting that Snupe was featured on No Nuts. I always had the feeling that Del "respected" Snupe or simply appreciated his style which was way different from the other Hiero projects at the time. Snupe had his verse on No More Worries, Del was featured on Critics and there's a Del interview on youtube where he was asked about Snupe and it's clear to see like he felt sorry for his "loss". I mean he wasn't sayin the same things with pokerface like Casual or Opio in some other interviews that Snupe left them because of "creative differences" and shit...

This is just my guessing, I could be wrong of course and it's an old story, nobody cares about it anymore...