Monday, June 4, 2012

Extra Prolific - Missing Link


A fellow fan of Mr. Lee shared this with me and I thought I would pay it forward to those who are interested.

I was told that this material was his last recorded as a member of Hieroglyphics, though I'm not sure how accurate that information is. He does give a shout to the crew on the first track, but there are other audio clues that lead me to believe that this was recorded later, most notably the flows used by Lee and Pep Love (featured on track #2) were those established and utilized post 3rd Eye Vision, the last time Lee recorded with the collective.

There are five tracks included here. I'm not sure if these were intended for a specific project, or just a collection of tracks that bridge his post-Hiero secular period to his current output representing Christ. The music here probably won't change your life (some rough recordings), but there's some solid material for fans of Extra Prolific and Hiero completionists.

Extra Prolific - MCs (Missing Link) (Featuring Pep Love)

Extra Prolific - Missing Link: Download

There's a track about 'the ladies' included so if you Hiero, I'm fly-bro, jaw gymnastic, calistylic fans want to get mad at that, have at it.


Anonymous said...

where are the other 4 tracks?

Boothe said...

Drop me an email.

wboothe at gmail daught calm