Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Heavy D

"didn't really know Heav well... just in passing.. we shared quite a few mutual friends... they loved the hell out of him.. God Bless his FAM" - Dres

"Rest in peace to my homeboy Heavy D. Truly one of the coolest mafuckas Hip Hop has ever known. The west coast loved Heav from day one" - Too Short

"Heavy D is the person who gave me my 1st chance in the music industry. He got me my internship at Uptown. He Believed when no one else did." - Diddy

"yo Hev...when you see T.R.O.Y tell him we still miss his ass....#RIPHEV" - Kid

"Even my mother loved Heavy D's music. A local hero & artist that nobody could hate - he touched all generations & remained humble. RIP Hev." - J-Zone

"Respect #HeavyD. Ill voice. Charming style. Wasn't afraid to dance. Embraced his heritage. Champion." - Tajai

"I can't even think right now yall. Heav was my dude. What a friend. My heart is heavy" - Q-Tip

"Rest In Power to the man Heavy D, he plugged in Pete Rock and Puffy amongst many other powerful things fly w/ the angels Heav RIP" - Dante Ross

"Instead of just playing Heav's old songs, you should play them 4 ya children & tell them the story. That's how u keep legends alive!!!" - Big Daddy Kane

"R.I.P. my man Heavy D a true HIP HOP GOD. damn." - Chuck D.


The Great Gats, B said...

The 'netz need to know what your fav' Heavsta joint is, Boothe.

Boothe said...

Naah, really it was Don't Curse.

Also liked him on the Marley joint, and The Basement.