Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Toronto Raptors: 2011 NBA Draft

The experts have spoken.

More accurately, they have long speculated that this would be one of the weakest draft classes in past 10 years. Duke point guard Kyrie Irving, and Arizona forward Derrick Williams are projected to go one and two in the draft. Beyond these two, it's pretty much a crapshoot.

Being that I'm a Toronto resident, my main concern is the Toronto Raptors, and who they will draft with the #5 pick. I don't watch NCAA college basketball, or pay any attention to the international leagues, so I decided to gather** a panel of experts and ask simply --  Who do you want the Raptors to draft?  Who do you think they will get.

**gather = asking them all the same question on Twitter

Zack Cooper - Sportnet Radio Fan590 Toronto

"I like, and I think they can get Kawhi Leonard"

Tom Liston - Raptors Republic

"I'm with Zack. #Kawhi@5"

Architect Ed

"I say Kemba Walker if they keep the #5 pick. If  (Brandon)Knight falls, he's the pick"                                                                            

Kris Cuaresma - GamePoint

"Kemba is the sexy pick, but I think they end up with Biyombo; maybe both?


Both? That's interesting. You like both, or you think they'll end up with both? If so, who do you trade?

Kris Cuaresma

Possibly Milwaukee involving bargs? (Andrea Bargnani) I like both, and would like to pick up both. I think we'll be able to get a wing next year.

Hasan Tahir - Arbitrary Opinions

"Kemba is the best talent at 5 probably, but I wouldn't mind Kawhi"

Architect Ed 

Biyombo could get someone fired if picked in top 5. If Raptors could get in on Josh Smith, it's worth trading #5.


Kemba Walker (small player, big heart) is my pick, and seems to be the popular choice here, though I do believe everyone (myself included) was under the assumption that Brandon Knight would go either 3 or 4. Hoops Hype is now reporting differently. According to the reputable basketball blog, both Minnesota and Cleveland (with their second pick) are looking to draft big. That may leave the door open for Toronto to draft the second ranked point guard in this draft.

Brandon Knight
Could the letter T he's pointing to, be an omen?

This draft may lack future all-stars, but it definitely is not lacking in intrigue.

2011 NBA Draft: Link

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