Monday, April 4, 2011

LL Cool J - Jingling Baby

Perhaps the greatest "I wish I was there" Hip Hop video of all time.

There's so much to love here, including:

1. Spazzed out dancer guy.
2. Strobe lights, lava lamps, electricity ball thingys.
3. LL's gears are working in this video. The shoes in particular are dope. I think i'll send a screen capture to Nerd Boyfriend.
4. Too cool for school, beatnik dude, holding up the wall.
5. LL's cool grandma. (cute)
6. Fakin' the funk, instrument holding, fly women.
7. Wall Street pencil pushers. (nice suspenders, dudes)
8. Dudes (successfully) hustling their way into the party.
9. Punchbowl carrying and plotting, pretty women.
10. Impromptu, choreographed dance breakdowns. LL's like "hey, what's going on here?" Then somehow knows all of the moves. He's got some steps though.
11. Late 80s/Early 90s Hip Hip Video Muscle Guy (harrrrrrrrrrrrr)
12. Marley Marl (Word to the mother!)
13. Weaved chairs. (I love those things)
14. Old ass record player. (Hustle Guy on the wheel of steel)
15. No music industry lames allowed!

Dedicated to Conor and Crystal. Congrats on your engagement.


The Great Gats, B said...

And you didn't even mention the yellow turtleneck.

done said...

Its like every unrealistically cool house party from 90s teen comedies distilled into 5 minutes. By the time it gets to the dance breakdown its far surpassed Im Bad and Going Bac To Cali. Man he had the best videos.

My favourite LL single too.