Sunday, May 16, 2010

Old School Video: Otha Fish - The Pharcyde

"The lyrics on there are about one particular relationship I had, my one greatest love of all time, and she crushed the shit out of me." - Tre

Beautiful song and video.

One of the reasons I enjoy "Bizarre Ride..." more than Labcabincalifornia is because Tre sounds a lot more natural on this album. A lot of his "crooning" on later releases are a little too forced for my liking.


Mr Bozack said...

Oh fuck me hell yeah - Bizarre Ride.. pisses all over Labcab...

Boothe said...

Dilla stans would have you believe otherwise.

Curious, Mr. did you come across this blog?

Mr Bozack said...

I think the route was basically Fat Lace -> The Martorialist -> All Things....quality blog mate - always nice to find another proper hip hop fiend.

MF said...

I'm the missing link, yo.

Anyone who thinks Labcabin.. is better than Bizarre Ride on any level needs to get their ears syringed.

Boothe said...


i think i have a handful of readers, and one consistent participator, so it's good to have someone else contributing to whatever conversation is going on.

pk Mao said...

I'm late to the discussion, but I think I prefer Labcabincalifornia to Bizarre Ride. Love both, but the first 9 tracks on Labcab are pure sex, I rarely even get past that point but it's enough for me. I also think I just prefer that side to them to the IMO a little overly silly for my tastes aspect of Bizarre Ride. Runnin and Drop are two of my favorite hip-hop songs ever, since before I even knew Dilla produced them.

Boothe said...

Mao, you're not allowed to post here anymore.


Curious, which album did you hear first? I find sometimes that effects a persons preference to the differing personalties displayed from album 1 to 2.

To me silly was The Pharcyde, and I prefer the spontaneity of these recordings over the sit and stew in a candle lit, incense burning studio vibe I get from the album 2.

That said, there are some outstanding tracks on Labcabin. 1, 3,4,9 and 10 are my favorites.

pk Mao said...

Lol sorry. But I did hear bizarre ride first, I would even recommend it as their most important/"best" album, but I still prefer Labcab because it appeals to me more. My favorite era of hip hop might be 94-96, Dilla is one of my favorite producers, and the MCing is still sick. it drags near the end but I like I said the first 9 tracks are enough for me to still like it more.

but it's just my thing. i also prefer AOI and Grind Date De La Soul over their prince paul albums, the goofiness isn't my thing.